De Paradijsvooghel!

Vintage spectacles frames

Sale of spectacles fashion from 1900

The Paradijsvooghel!
Bird of Paradise


Toppers from the Past = Tomorrow's Fashion

Many collectors' items and designer handmade masterpieces for unexpectedly low prices.

Portable original glasses.

Thanks to Old Focals, we can enjoy this inspiring video! 

Rental of spectacles for films and photo shoots

Because of the enormous and versatile collection of frames we are often asked whether these may be hired for films, styling or photo shoots. The “ Paradijsvooghel ! “ is, of course, pleased to cooperate. We require cash payment for the spectacles, as a deposit. When you return the frames the amount is refunded, minus a 20 % rental rate.

The Paradijsvooghel! Spectacles for children

Already at a young age children often acquire their own taste. In the “ Paradijsvooghel ! “ you will find nice spectacles for them as well. If your son is a Harry Potter fan and if he would also like to have such spectacles, then all at once having to wear them becomes much nicer and tougher. Our shop has small frames for cute princesses, fancy little frames, cool frames....... . Come and have a look and try some on.

Specialties and uncommon

vintage eyewear

About vintage spectacles and rental of spectacles for films and photo shoots.  


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